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"Cuteness" is a sign to be reflected

by: As siddique

‘Cute’ is a term that very familiar with our daily life . Whether or not we realized it , each of us has an ability to evaluate it subjectively . Do you realize that every living things such as human , animal even plant accompanied with cuteness during their early stage of life? This cuteness will gradually disappear as time is passing by and it will be totally vanished when an individual living thing has reached its maturity .

What is this cuteness is actually? There are many facts shown that not just human have an ability to appreciate the cuteness , in fact , in animal kingdom , they also have this similar ability in appreciating the cuteness. Another interesting fact is that, cuteness is a defensive tool of vitality. If we reflect profoundly , cuteness is not something existed only for appreciation and absolutely not comes for nothing .

My point here is , first , bear in mind that all living things having an ability to appreciate the cuteness (so far only those animated living things is traced to have this ability , no idea with the plant) . Second , significant cuteness existed in early stage of life for any types of animals,plants and human . As we know , an organism has the most delicate vitality during this stage and it cannot survive by its own due to restrictions of its strength and experiences . The fiercest tiger got the cutest face at this moment . A coconut tree looks cute during its early stage , similar to crocodile and human being . The issue is why such thing existed? It simply because ‘cuteness is adefensive tool for vitality’ .

You can see many phenomenons to do with cuteness as a defensive tool , for instance I have seen in YOUtube about a video showing a female crocodile doesn’t have the heart to make a baby turtle as her prey due to its cuteness . In Tarzan’s Film also you might see that the little Tarzan , his mother gorilla has adopted him because of his cuteness .

By using our intellectual , it is striking that Allah has created this as a sign of His love also as a sign of his existence for men to reflect . It is neither the baby nor his mother has created the cuteness nor it comes as a coincidence , it rather a creation with consciousness .

p/s: this is not kitten of mine even i hope so ('..')

"False Eyes" as defensive method for vitality

By: As Siddique

When I was a little child I was very curious of why my pet, a cat felt scared of a butterfly when the butterfly opened its wing. I realized that there were patterns on the wing that resembled a pair of eyes. When I have reached my adulthood I found that the eye-looked pattern on the wing plays an important role for an individual butterfly.

There are some incredible and unimaginably interesting defensive methods in the animal world. One of these is false eyes. With such false eyes, various butterflies, caterpillars and fish species convince their enemies that they are “dangerous”.The butterflies can open their wings as soon as they sense danger and display a pair of eyes on each of their wings which appear quite threatening to their enemies. This is an explanation based on the scientific discovery.

Let us take our time and think, can these extremely convincing eyes be the result of a coincidence? How does the butterfly know that a pair of scary eyes appears when it opens its wings and that the sight of them would frighten its enemy? Has the butterfly able to see the pattern on its wings and decided that this pattern was frightening and that it could use it in a moment of danger? You cannot help to admit that this butterfly’s eye located at its head and it is impossible for it to see its own wing’s pattern. Moreover it is not rational for the butterfly to create its own wing’s pattern.

Such a convincing pattern can be the result only of a conscious design, not of coincidences. Somebody with a rational mind should figure out that there must be someone that has set this order. It is obvious that God, Who created the butterfly, bestowed on its body such a pattern and inspired in the animal an instinct to open its wing in moments of danger.

One verse in Al-Quran

And those who have no knowledge say, “Why does not Allah speak to us or why does not a sign come to us?” So said the people before them word of similar import. Their heart are alike,We have indeed made plain the signs for people who believe with certainty”.
Surah Al-Baqarah (2:118)

There are many clear signs has been shown by our God to do with the divinity or the existence of God for those believed with certainty. but those unbelievers perhaps do not realize it.

We were meticulously created (mouth)

The world that we have occupied since the very first day of our life was so beautiful to be perceived from our eyes, lots of sounds can be heard from our ears, lots of nice fragrances may be treasured from our noses, many of the delicious sustenance might be tasted by our mouth and etc All these came into being as we have the senses organs since the first time of their functionality been worked. Using our rational mind, it is noticeable that no one has asked for his or her abilities of perceiving the world by those ways and no one has asked of his or her being in this world. All of us just realized that we have suddenly been in this world once we think about it. The existence of our senses organs has made us become different creatures than those things such as rocks, trees, soils, winds and etc. that lack of these so-called senses.

in this article I would like to show you an ordinary insight that rarely be thought to do with our mouth. What is the function of our mouth? For sure to eat, speak, drink, as a secondary breath organ and etc. you can list it out yourself. In order to eat, it is not enough to have just the mouth itself, but, we must have other indispensable organs such as the teeth, tongue, flexible cheek skins and so on that working simultaneously as the eating process being implemented. All these organs have to indispensably work in the same time without fail to enable the particular eating process goes smoothly. Moreover as a human being, an individual person has to eat everyday to perpetuate the vitality.

Our teeth

We knew that in order to ingest the foods that we eat everyday, we have to blend them into the smaller pieces so that they can be pushed along our alimentary track that has a narrow space for foods to go through, otherwise the food cannot be swallowed. Thus, thanks to the existence of our teeth do facilitate the blending process that makes the foods we ate into smaller pieces. Did you ever think that our teeth have the shapes that are really compatible to its function as a cutting and blending machine?

We have the ‘incisor’ (the front teeth) functioned as cutter to the foods we eat, and the molars (back teeth with broad top) that functioned as a blender. Moreover these teeth are located at an exactly suitable place in our mouth. Observing the shapes of our teeth at a quick glance, we know that the incisors were located at the opening of our mouth so that each of them can plays its role as a cutter for food then the molars function as blender. How could these occur? Did we have anything to do with the existence of their shape? Did somebody asks or determines his or her teeth?

at a quick glance we know that the incisors were located at the opening of our mouth so that each of them can plays its role as a cutter for food then the molars function as blender. there must be someone be an organizer behind this.

Our tongue

Another organ that should be in an exactly suitable position and shape for a particular eating process is our tongue. How does this organ play its role in every single eating process? First of all, what is the use of our tongue? You know that it functions as an organ for tasting the food’s flavor. This can be considered as chemical processes whereby the tongue’s cells react to the food flavors then individual cells will sends impulse signals to the certain part of our brain in the form of electric streams. Another indispensable role of the tongue is to play a physical function that is to direct the food we ate to the teeth to be blended.

Imagine this, what if we are lack of this organ? Is it possible for the eating process to be implemented conveniently? Absolutely not! Without the tongue, we have to rotate the entire skull and jaw (rotating our face to the left and right) so that the termed food can be directed to the teeth then being blended by manipulating the gravity forces beneath us. Using this simple explanation, it is conspicuous that the being of our tongue is really favors our convenience other than compatible to its functions together with the teeth for eating process. Again, it is not us neither asked nor determined the shape and the exact location of our tongue. Is it possible for the mouth itself makes the tongue? Rational mind definitely denies this statement! You would be getting an out loud laugh saying like this. So, how do these organs have come into being ?

Analogously, they are all the same as we look at a device for instance a hand phone, at a quick glance it would makes us realize that the existence of the keypads are to facilitate the user for making a call by dialing particular series of numbers. The position of the screen and the keypads are of the same planar so that the user can press the keypads and look the appeared numbers simultaneously. Moreover the size of a particular designed hand phone has the size of exactly suitable for human’s hand instead of having an exactly apposite length between the embedded speaker and microphone that of accorded to the length between the ear and the mouth. Observing the device, it will bring our mind into a conclusion that is, the screen and the keypads that are looked very suitable to its individual function are by virtue of a concise design. There must be someone that has organized and meticulously think to do with the existence of these functional parts of the device. Hence, it goes the same for each of our functional organ, each of them has been meticulously created and organized to facilitate us, fully with love and gracious from the hand of God Allah S.W.T.

“Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Hellfire. Our Lord, those you cast into the Hellfire, You have indeed disgraced. The wrongdoers will have no helpers”
(Surah Al-Imran 3: 190-192)

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